Top 6 Remedies for Wisdom Teeth Pain

The wisdom teeth are located at the very back of your mouth, on both sides of the jaw, on the top and on the bottom. Usually, the wisdom teeth start coming out later in life, closer to early 20s. Sometimes, this process can cause discomfort or pain. In some cases, the pain goes away on its own. However, in others, pain management is required. Also, there are situations in which it is recommended to remove the growing wisdom teeth completely. Below, we explain why the growing process of wisdom teeth can be painful and describe the top 6 remedies for wisdom teeth pain.

Top 6 Remedies for Wisdom Teeth Pain

Why Growing Wisdom Teeth Can Cause Pain?

The process of growing wisdom teeth starts underneath the gum. Later, the new teeth push through the gum to its surface. This can create a lot of pressure in the gums and cause some swelling and inflammation. In addition, the swelling of the gums and jawbone can put pressure on the nerves and cause additional pain.

Another reason why growing wisdom teeth can cause pain is that there is not enough space for them in the mouth. In such situations, the wisdom teeth come out at an angle and put pressure on the surrounding teeth. This pressure can even cause the surrounding teeth to move and shift, which might be painful too.

There are also situations when the wisdom teeth can not come through all the way. This condition is called impacted teeth. The gums surrounding impacted teeth can feel tender and achy. On top of that, this can leave the gums constantly inflamed and vulnerable to gum disease, cysts, infections and abscesses.

The Best Remedies for Wisdom Teeth Pain

First of all, if growing wisdom teeth causes you serious and persistent pain, it is best to visit a dentist and to make sure that no special treatment is needed. Some situations call for wisdom teeth removal, as keeping them would only cause more discomfort and issues later on.

This being said, there are several ways to relieve the pain at home before you get to see the doctor.

Applying an Ice Pack

Applying an ice pack to the painful side of your jaw is a conservative method, and it can provide temporary pain relief, as it has a numbing effect. It is also a useful method to reduce inflammation in the gum. The best way to use an ice pack is to apply it to the jaw and hold it for about 15 minutes at a time. Then you should have a 15 minute break before applying the ice pack again.

Salt Water Rinse

Rinsing your mouth with a solution of salt water can disinfect the inflamed area around the growing wisdom tooth and, thus, reduce inflation. This promotes healing and, due to this, has pain-reducing effects. We recommend dissolving ½ teaspoon of salt in a glass of clean, warm water.

Applying Numbing Gel

Most numbing gels are quite effective for temporarily relieving wisdom teeth pain. These gels usually contain benzocaine, which has a numbing effect. It reduces the feeling in the gums and acts as a local painkiller. Keep in mind that benzocaine can cause allergies in some people. Read the instructions carefully before applying the gel to your gums.

Some Traditional Remedies

To relieve the growing wisdom teeth pain, you can also try some accessible traditional methods, which include:

  • Cloves and clove oil
  • Aloe vera
  • Mentol, peppermint extract, and peppermint tea

You can apply one of these solutions directly to the affected area. Place a cotton ball soaked in a solution onto the gum for some time. Aloe vera gel can be applied onto a gum by itself. You can also rinse your mouth with cool peppermint tea. All these options might slightly reduce inflammation in the gums and provide a temporary soothing effect and pain relief.

Over-the-counter Painkillers

Ibuprofen is one of the most commonly recommended and effective over-the-counter drugs used to relieve any kind of tooth pain, the wisdom teeth pain included. It can also reduce inflammation in the gums. However, ibuprofen has side effects—make sure to strictly adhere to the recommended dosage.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Remember that if the pain caused by the growing wisdom teeth is so severe that it requires you to constantly take such strong painkillers as ibuprofen, it is better to see a dentist. Some cases of growing wisdom teeth are complicated enough that a surgical extrusion is needed to avoid further issues. Once the teeth are removed and the gum is healed, there will be no more pain.

If you experience pain caused by wisdom teeth, do not hesitate to sign up for an appointment with one of our specialists at Dentist Mission Viejo and to receive a full, personalized consultation about your particular case.

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