5 Reasons for Pain in a Root Canal Treatment

Root canals have garnered one of the more gruesome reputations in dentistry. While not to be feared excessively, these procedures sometimes entail some level of pain after the procedure is completed. Below, we cover 5 reasons for pain in a root canal treatment.

Knowing the source of this type of pain can help you deal with it when it comes up. This can make coping with these issues easier in the long term.

5 Reasons for Pain in a Root Canal Treatment

If you have a root canal scheduled or are just curious about how to cope with one after it is performed, take a look at this guide to the type of pain you might experience from it.

What Is a Root Canal?

Teeth are subject to various forms of decay and stress, which sometimes contributes to pulp within the hard casing of the teeth becoming infected.

A dentist will seal off an infected or damaged tooth’s root during a root canal procedure to stop further bacteria from further corroding the tooth. During a root canal, the infected tooth’s root is extracted by your dentist and replaced with an implant.

The majority of patients who undergo root canal therapy report feeling little to no discomfort throughout the operation, which is frequently finished in a single visit. Most people find it preferable that the patient keeps their original tooth, which is one of the main benefits of this procedure. However, sometimes patients do experience significant pain. Here are some of the top contributors to this phenomenon.

1. You Have an Infected Root Canal

One of the main sources of pain from a root canal can come from infections that occur in the teeth after a root canal treatment. This occurs when a filling leaks and allows bacteria to reinfect the tooth through the edges of the teeth. This can create a new infection within a couple of days.

This is why a dentist will cap a tooth that they perform a root canal on. If reinfection does occur, then you may have to go through the entire root canal process over again.

2. Cement or Air Is Forced Through the Root Tip

Dentists can sometimes accidentally overfill dental cement when they fill a root canal. This causes the material to spout through the root tip. Depending on what filling material is used, you might experience a significant amount of pain in this process. If air gets forced through the root tip, this can also cause a significant amount of pain.

The kind of condition your tooth is in prior to the root canal being performed can also influence the amount of pain you experience. Overfilling the teeth with cement is more likely to occur if your tooth is not infected around the tip of the root.

3. There Is Infected Bone

Lingering bacteria around the bone of the tooth is another possible source of infection and pain. When this bacteria gets down to the bone and becomes infected, it becomes a source of inflammation.

If the dentist removes all of the dead tooth material and nerves, your immune system should be able to prevent the infection from becoming too severe. If the infection becomes too severe, antibiotics might be prescribed in order to help assist with wiping it out.

4. Your Dentist Missed Your Canal

The term root canal refers to a set of narrow openings in the tooth that contain blood vessels and nerve fibers. These provide nutrition and feeling to your teeth. Most teeth have one to four canals.

During a root canal, your dentist will try to remove an infected canal so it doesn’t infect the rest of the teeth. But sometimes, your dentist misses elements of the procedure and the infection, which leaves your tooth vulnerable to reinfection.

If this does occur, then you’ll have to revisit the dentist in order to remove the remnants of the infection and restore your dental health to proper status.

5. You Received an Oversized Crown or Filling

Some patients find that it is painful to bite down for about three to five days. Your teeth might also feel overcrowded. This occurs when the crown or filling is too large.

This problem can be easily fixed – your dentist will be able to readjust your crown so that it fits more easily in your mouth.

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