5 Ways to Avoid Dental Injuries

Unfortunately, dental injuries are a common occurrence. From a casual slip and fall to a major sporting event injury, it is all too easy to get a cracked or broken tooth. Since people of all ages are so susceptible to different types of dental damage, it is important to know how to treat dental injuries. Try out the below 5 ways to avoid dental injuries.

5 Ways to Avoid Dental Injuries

Even more importantly, our dentist in Mission Viejo would argue, is knowing how to prevent dental injuries in the first place. Below, we are going to list our top 5 ways to avoid dental injuries so you can stay healthy and protected for a long time to come.

Invest in Good Daily Oral Hygiene

The first thing you can do to prevent an undue amount of dental injuries is to practice good daily hygiene tips. Make sure to brush your teeth at least twice a day, and floss once. By taking these simple steps to improve your oral health at the beginning and end of each day, you are committing to protecting yourself against plaque. Bacteria and plaque, after building up on the teeth, can cause widespread infection.

Wear a Mouth Guard

If you participate in contact sports, you are going to want to wear a mouthguard to protect your teeth. It only takes one wrong move to knock a tooth out, causing you dental trauma. It can be painful and expensive to replace missing teeth, so it’s better to equip them with a shield so they stand a better chance during times of intense and active play.

Wear a Night Guard, Too

If you knowingly have a problem grinding or gnashing your teeth together, you might want to learn about the different types of night guards available for your teeth. Acting similarly to a mouth guard, a night guard is to be worn overnight and it protects your teeth from clashing together while you sleep. Your dentist can get you fitted for a personal night guard that molds to the shape of your teeth.

Don’t Bite Hard Things

This might go without saying, but it is always good to have a reminder that teeth are sensitive, and they are not meant to be used as tools. Do not ever use your teeth to bite down on an object that isn’t food, whether that be to open a package or crack open a can of soda. You also shouldn’t be chewing on hard things such as ice or hard candy, as it can do a lot of damage to your teeth and nerves.

Find a Nearby Emergency Dentist

In the event that you cannot prevent an injury, the next best thing is to be as prepared as you can. You might want to get in touch with your local emergency dentist in Mission Viejo and find out what services they offer, what their hours are, and what recommendations they might suggest in the event of a dental injury. Whether you or your child have suffered a sudden dental injury, it is important to get help right away.

Remember: Safety Matters Most

When it comes to your overall dental health, protecting your teeth and gums is what’s most important. While life happens in unexpected ways, you can prepare for this spontaneity by adding more protection to your teeth before getting into physical activity. If you do suffer from an injury, you must visit your emergency specialists right away.

An emergency dentist can help with urgent situations such as a missing or broken tooth, bleeding gums, or deep infection. You can find out about your local emergency dentist by contacting us today and scheduling your own personal consultation.

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