3 Reasons Not to Avoid Your Root Canal Treatment

Nobody enjoys going to the dentist to get a root canal treatment. In fact, a lot of people try to actively avoid it. However, root canals may be necessary when an infected tooth gets out of hand. Before having to resort to tooth extraction, the dentist will perform a root canal to save the integrity of your tooth. Let’s look at 3 reasons not to avoid your root canal treatment.

3 Reasons Not to Avoid Your Root Canal Treatment

It is really not a good idea to skip your root canal treatment, especially if you need one to stave off spreading decay. Today, your trusted Mission Viejo dental specialist will give you the top 3 reasons not to avoid your root canal treatment. It may sound scary, but when all is said and done, a root canal can be the procedure that saves your mouth.

How Root Canals Work

Root canals seem a little more feasible and a lot less horrifying when you understand how they work. First, your dentist will administer a local anesthetic so you do not feel any sensation during the treatment. A lot of people are afraid that root canals cause a lot of pain; thankfully, you will be numbed the entire time.

During the procedure itself, your dentist will “deaden” the infected tooth by removing the pulp from its center. The pulp is the soft, squishy area inside your tooth that provides it with nutrients and connects it to your bloodstream. If the pulp of a tooth becomes infected, it could easily spread all throughout and cause death. Root canals can remove the pulp without having to remove your entire tooth – or worse.

Why Not to Avoid Root Canals

The longer you avoid your necessary root canal treatment, the more dangerous it can be for you. Here are three big reasons why you cannot avoid root canal treatment if the pulp of your tooth is infected:

Your Pain Will Get Worse

As soon as you get through the anxiety of getting a root canal procedure, you will find that your pain is instantly relieved when it’s all over. The treatment might not be pleasant, but it can be done in as little as 30 minutes to an hour. That in exchange for a lifetime of painlessness is well worth the single trip to the dentist’s office.

You Might Lose Your Teeth

The only alternative to a root canal is tooth extraction. This is usually considered to be a last resort by dental professionals. We want to do everything they can to save your tooth. The quality of your oral health will drastically decline the more teeth you are missing. After all, the risk of developing additional oral health problems down the road only increases. Losing teeth to infection and decay is always a sign that things are about to turn for the worse. But a root canal can prevent that!

Your Symptoms Will Worsen

In addition to increasing pain, other symptoms of discomfort and infection will continue to rise. If you think that ignoring your symptoms will make them go away, you will, unfortunately, find that to not be the case. Over time, your symptoms of feverishness, pain, and infection will only worsen if you do not seek immediate dental help. You don’t want to risk spreading decay and disease to the rest of your body as treatment will be a lot more difficult to achieve at that point.

Learn More About Effective Root Canals Today!

At the office of your Mission Viejo Dental Specialist, you will receive top-notch care with our advanced treatment solutions. If you are worried about your growing tooth pain and believe you may need a root canal in Mission Viejo, contact our specialists ASAP. We are happy to set you up with an appointment to assist you with your better health and well-being. Don’t avoid your root canal needs any longer!

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